CMS offers several programs and events, during school and after school...


We support our CMS staff through groups and events such as

Culture Fair, AVID, ESL, Fine Arts (orchestra, band, music, theater, debate & art), 

Robotics, NJHS, Yearbook, Athletics, Cheerleading and more!


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Reflections Art Program

The Reflections Art Program is a Nationwide PTA Sponsored program and a PTA Member benefit for students interested in Fine Arts. Students create original works of art inspired by the current theme. Categories include Literature, Photography, Visual Art, Dance, Video, and Music! Open to all students and awards and prizes are available to top students. See our Reflections page for more details.


CMS Socials

The Carpenter PTA sponsors after-school socials for all students in the Fall and Spring and an 8th Grade-only event in the spring as a celebration of graduation. These socials are our largest events and a highlight of the school year with game trucks, live DJ, inflatables, food, and more!


Alex Trejo Scholarship

Each year, Carpenter PTA awards a scholarship to a graduating Senior who attended Carpenter and had family or were themselves members of PTA.


Field Day

CMS has field day each year in the Spring. The PTA supports these events and helps by volunteering with the teachers and providing supplies as needed.




Field Trips

Each year the PTA helps support the grade levels and groups at CMS by helping them take field trips.