CMS offers several Programs, during school, after school, & for at home discovery.


 During School Programs

  • Fine Arts - Express your self through music, theater, speech, and art

  • Athletics - Join one of our sports teams

  • PACE (Plano Academic and Creative Education) - The PACE program at Carpenter is offered through the humanities department.

    Middle School PACE emphasizes above level cognitive experiences, extends and enriches selected grade-level TEKS, extends and enriches aspects of the district's middle school curriculum, and explores aspects of human creativity in the arts and in a variety of intellectual fields.

    Sherri Eppler - - 469-752-5150

  • A.V.I.D (Advancement Via Individual Determination) - a full year college readiness course

    AVID is a full year college readiness course that focuses on students who are typically in the academic middle. These students have the potential and desire to complete a rigorous curriculum, but they may have never had the opportunity to participate or succeed in Honors classes. With the help of an AVID elective class, these students learn organizational skills and good study habits, as well as how to incorporate critical thinking and higher level reading strategies into their studies. They are enrolled in at least one Honors class, along with the AVID class and their other core classes. By raising expectations for these students, the AVID program provides access and support in challenging college preparatory classes thereby laying the foundation for students to attend college and become leaders and responsible citizens in our society.

    For more information on this exciting new student elective, contact:

    Tony Spear - - 469-752-5072

  • Special Education - We offer a wide continuum of services specifically designed to meet or support the functional, instructional and behavioral needs of the individual. Through the collaborative efforts of all teachers, support of parents/guardians and staff, and when practicing self-discipline and demonstrating respectful behavior, our goal is to empower students with the skills necessary to succeed.

    The Carpenter Middle School Special Education Department is dedicated to a belief in the limitless potential that exists in all students, and is committed to serving the needs of each student in an inclusive environment where respect, dignity, sensitivity and trust are primary considerations. Given the proper instruction, materials and time, we believe that all students can learn.

     Special Education Team Leader - Evelyn Jones ext. 25112

  • ESL (English as a Second Language) - Our ESL department offers a variety of classes to best fit the needs of our individual students. Our teachers give the students learning experiences that help them to acclimate to a new culture while still embracing each student’s individuality and native culture.

    Debbie Duguid - ESL Math, ESL Science, ESL Learning Lab - 

    Nimet Bata - ESL Team Lead, Intermediate ESL, Advanced ESL, ESL Social Studies - 

    Sarah Brawdy - Beginning ESL, Advanced ESL/Writing, Transitional ESL - 

PISD PTA Programs - Create at Home

  • Reflections -Express yourself through song, dance, film, and more
  • One World Challenge -Create a solution for an environmental or conservation issue.




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