Why join the Carpenter Middle School PTA?

  • Back our Children's Future by enriching student education, Supporting teachers and staff, Enhancing parent involvement and communications, Advocating for our school and our students, & Promoting school spirit
  • Joining the PTA is the best way to stay informed and get involved in your child’s school. Studies have shown that membership in PTA provides your child with a greater chance of achieving in school.
  • By joining or renewing your membership each year, the PTA is able to provide student programs to help make every child's potential a reality.  
  • We encourage all parents, grandparents, staff, and community members to join the Carpenter Middle School PTA.

Do I have to attend meetings or volunteer?

PTA Membership does not require volunteering or any kind of time commitment. We only ask that you help support the programs and events that we provide for ALL students, ALL staff and ALL families throughout our community. Remember that we all share the same goal of making our child’s middle school experience a rewarding one.  And the more active participants our PTA has, the more we can offer to our students and the CMS staff. Your voice is important!

What are my dues and donations used for?

Your membership dues enable the PTA to provide services for both the students and staff at Carpenter. This source of funds will be especially important in the coming years due to recent legislation which will reduce the amount of government funding for Texas schools.  The PTA funds programs and activities that enrich our children’s school experience.  We strive to provide diverse programs for student and parents alike.  Supporting the teachers by easing and supporting the educational experience of our students is important.and the costs associated with such, are real.  In other words, Your dues buy a lot!

Our goal is 100% family and staff membership.


Learn more about the PTA Member Benefits Program and how we partner with companies at pta.org/benefits. Restrictions, rules, and limitations may apply to all member benefits described above.