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2014 8th Gade Football -City Champions; 2014 7th Grade Girls Track Team -City Champions2013 8th Grade Football -City Champions;2013 7th grade Girls Track Team - City Champions; 2013 Cheerleaders take District-wide “Game Time Cheer Champions” trophy at NCA Summer Cheer Leading Camp2012-13 8th grade Boys Basketball, 3rd place; 2012-13 7th grade Boys Basketball, 3rd place2011-12 7th grade Boys Basketball, 2nd place;2009-10 7th grade Boys Basketball, 3rd place 

You can look at Athletics Clothes Online, but you will have to order by phone (877) 627-0125.
*When ordering clothing please make sure they put a special note on the clothing for the coaches to know what student the clothes belong to.

Girls athletics will be held before school and during 1st period 

Boys athletics will be held during 7th period and after school.

All students must turn in the required Forms prior to the first scheduled practice, or they will not be allowed to practice after school. 

Football & Cheer Leading

Check out our detailed Football page!

  7th Grade Football Coaches: 

Matthew Megee, Charles Smith

8th Grade Football Coaches: 

Ernest Sterling ADTerence ColemanJohn Bragg


Football season begins in September and lasts through mid-November. There are no tryouts for football


Basketball & Volleyball

7th Grade Basketball Coaches: 

John BraggPeyton Haller

8th Grade Basketball Coaches:

 Terence ColemanCasey Ray


Basketball season begins mid-November and continues until mid-February. 7th and 8th grade both will have an A and B team. Tryouts are scheduled for November.


7th & 8th Grade Track Coaches:

 Casey Ray(Girls Head Coach), Peyton Haller,Valerie Rutherford, Terence ColemanCharles Smith (Boys Head Coach) Matthew MegeeJohn Bragg

Track practice will start in February with our first meet scheduled for early March. Boys' and girls' track practice will be held after school till 4:30, Monday through Thursday. Each student that tries out will participate in at least one meet but since individual sports within certain events at the meet are limited, they will be filled competitively in the form of a run/throw/jump off the week prior to the meet. Detailed practice schedules will be passed out during the first track meeting along with the individual meets and the events that will be included in those meets. Parents are urged to pay close attention to each meet format, as not all events will occur each week. 

8th Grade Cheer Coaches: 

Catherine McKoy

Cheerleaders support school activities, lead pep rallies and cheer at sporting events. 







7th Grade Volleyball Coaches:

 Peyton Haller

8th Grade Volleyball Coaches:

Valerie Rutherford 

 They will need to be there each day for tryouts. They will need to have their athletic Forms completed. Each student will be asked to demonstrate the fundamental volleyball skills of passing, setting, hitting, and serving. Coaches will also take into consideration a student's attitude, hustle, and leadership ability. All students will be given an equal opportunity to perform their skills and be evaluated by the coaching staff.


All Sports


Any student interested in football should contact Coach Sterling about being moved into Athletics. All forms must be completed and signed prior to tryouts or practice. Tryouts are held for basketball and volleyball. There are no tryouts for football or track.


The Athletic Department will provide all equipment except shoes (cleats), socks, and athletic supporters.


When bad weather does not allow us to practice outside, we will practice inside a gym. Athletes need to keep a pair of tennis shoes in their locker for this occasion (since cleats may not be worn on the gym floor).


This decision will be made late in the day, and the front office will be notified as soon as a decision has been made.



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Contact Coach Sterling (CMS Athletic Director) for any questions. 




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