Skratch is a Proud Sponsor of Carpenter Middle School PTA

What is Skratch?

Skratch is a mobile platform that connects teens in local neighborhoods with adults and businesses looking for help with tasks or small jobs. We believe the only way to teach financial literacy to tomorrow’s adults is to teach income to today’s teens.


How does it work?

Teens (ages 14-19) and adults (ages 20+) download and register for the app. Adults post the small jobs and teens accept them based on their location, interests and skill sets. To learn more visit


More questions? Visit their FAQ page or reach out to


Incentive Program Details

When posting a gig, make sure to call out within the instructions that you are a member of Carpenter Middle School PTA. Our school will receive credit and a 10% donation for each CMS community gig posted during the 2018-2019 school year.


Example Instructions:

My 9-year-old daughter needs help making her science project. She is wanting to make a volcano out of papier-mâché – must be crafty.



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