Carpenter Dads is a PTA program for all fathers, step-fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and any other significant male role models who wish to make a difference in the campus life of Carpenter Middle School students.



Male Involvement

According to research by the U.S. Department of Education, students with involved dads also have higher rates of academic success, fewer problems with truancy, suspensions, and expulsions, increased self-esteem and self-confidence, and better child-father relationships. Men and women think differently and bring different perspectives and skills to school and PTA activities. School communities and PTAs thrive when both men and women participate. (National PTA) 


Who Benefits

  • Fathers – develop a closer relationship with their children and may serve as role models for those without fathers at home
  • Children – realize their fathers value their education  
  • Schools – experience greater parental involvement and assistance in the school setting

Our Goals

  • Fathers participating in school setting, school events, and daily activities
  • To help you build a stronger bond with your children
  • To create a network of involved and active fathers
  • Providing role models for our Carpenter Middle School children

Carpenter Dads wants to give fathers (and other father-figures) an opportunity to have a more active role in the education and enrichment of their children. By working with the PTA and volunteers, the Carpenter Dads would like to…

  • Assist with traffic control both before and after school and serve as a male presence in the school hallways
  • Help organize Carpenter Dads’ Nights, school activities, and family social events.
  • Assist our coaches and teachers before, during, and/or after school

All volunteers must complete the PISD volunteer application.


For more information, please contact