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Choir Director Guillermo Valentin 469-752-5141

Charms log in is “carpentermschoir”, students pass word is the student ID. If you have trouble getting into the site, please email your teacher.

As a member of the CMS Choir program, you are part of one of the school's most important and respected teams. Together we can make great things happen! Those whose lives have been enriched by music know the joy of personal growth and how wonderful it is to share music with other performers and audiences.

There are many activities planned both in and out of class, which will allow you the opportunity to grow musically. Our goal is to teach each student the necessary skills to effectively express themselves through music.

And just for fun, choir members will have the opportunity to attend some awesome social events including a trip to Hurricane Harbor, Main Event, Medieval Times and Six Flags!



Band Director Kathleen Zeier 469-752-5139

Assistant Band Director Charlotte Breedlove 469-752-5146

Charms log in is “carpentermsband”, students pass word is the student ID. If you have trouble getting into the site, please email your teacher.

Some bands rock - a little... Some band roll - just a bit...CMS BAND ROCKS, ROLLS AND RULES!!!



Orchestra Director Alicia Alexander # 469-752-5143

Asst. Orchestra Dir. Mrs. Gonzales is 469-752-5142

2014-2016 Sweepstakes at UIL Festival received by Varsity Orchestra

2014-2016 1st division ratings at Other festivals the orchestra performed  

The orchestra program at Carpenter Middle School consists of 5 performance levels. The Plano program is set up for students to begin study of the violin, viola, cello, and string bass in 6th grade, although students with previous experience can audition for higher orchestras.


Recital Orchestra consists of mostly 7th-grade students in their second year on the instruments.

Concertino Orchestra

Concert Orchestra is a 7th and 8th-grade group of 2nd and 3rd-year performers. 

Chamber Orchestra is the Honor Orchestra of the school with the highest degree of performers.

Each orchestra performs in at least four concerts during the year and one group festival.
Students also have the option of participating in the annual Solo and Ensemble Contest. Private teachers are available during the school day.





Art Teacher Jill Torres

the twitter account is @artatcarpenter

The CMS Art program is designed to teach students how to express their imagination through artistic mediums using the elements and principles of design. 

Art 2D

Students create two-dimensional art while experiencing drawing, color study, painting, printmaking, and computer manipulated design.

Art 3D

Students work with mediums allowing them to create three-dimensional art including, additive sculpture, subtractive sculpture, and ceramics.

Advanced Art

Prerequisite: Art2D or Art3D

This course gives students the opportunity to work with a large variety of materials. Students will develop a portfolio that prepares them for Pre-AP Art 1 that is offered at the 9-10 high schools. Students illustrate ideas from direct observation, imagination, and personal experience. Computer manipulated works are incorporated into the curriculum.



The website for Carpenter Theatre and Speech is 

Speech Teacher Abigale Walker

This class will encourage students to become more confident communicators through the practice of both personal speaking skills and group communication skills. Students will become more comfortable expressing their ideas in groups and for an audience. Students will also gain organization, research, and preparation skills.



Theater Teacher Abigale Walker

Theater I

This class will encourage students to acquire knowledge of as well as participate in the art of theatre, develop a sense of self and personal artistic vision, understand theatre's role in culture and society throughout history, and help students to appreciate the art of theatre and its collaborative nature with all art forms.

Theater II: Prerequisite Theater I

This class is designed to push students already interested in theatre to the next level. It will challenge students to become more skilled as performers, designers, writers, and critics.




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